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Why Should You Have Your Shoes Repaired?

It seems that we live in a disposable age, where cheap, flashy products made from inferior materials are the rage.  Fashion fads allow companies to charge premium prices for inferior products that wear out faster than the ever changing fads that spurred them on.  But, should you sacrifice your feet to fad and fashion? Your feet are more than just a means of locomotion. They are the base of your body and bad shoes can cause damage to your feet, knees, hips and back that can have painful, lasting impact and even cause permanent damage.  Cheap shoes aren't made of quality materials and don't last long enough to conform to your feet, so quite often very painfully, your feet are forced to conform to them.

"Should you sacrifice your feet to
fad and fashion?"

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of high quality shoes will tell you that they are a joy to own and wear and though not normally part of the fickle fads, their quality never goes out of style.  Quality shoes and boots are worth investing in, they can last years and compared to the purchase price, the cost of repair is low, saving you money in the long run.  They conform to and support your feet better and feel more comfortable.

According to the Shoe Service Institute of America, shoe repair adds value to your footwear investment. A shoe repair professional can save you money, and keep your footwear more comfortable and looking good.  In addition to replacing soles and heals, shoes can be stretched for comfort or shaped for unique feet.  Shoes can be customized for a unique look or for special purposes, like the addition of non-slip soles.  Most shoe repair professionals can also repair most leather items including leather jackets, leather pants, chaps, bags and luggage.

The most difficult aspect of having quality shoes and leather goods repaired is finding a Shoe Repair Professional (traditionally referred to as Cobblers).  There is certainly a nationwide shortage of these craftsmen.

In Palm Coast, Florida, we are fortunate to have a true old world style craftsman who specializes in Shoe Repair and is an expert in orthopedic work.  Simha "Sam" Pinhasov of MAGIC SHOE REPAIR is undoubtedly one of the best Shoe Repair Professionals still practicing the craft.  He was trained in Europe and learned the basics of the trade from his Uncle.  Early in his career, Sam worked at a factory handmaking high quality shoes from scratch.  He credits this experience as having a postivie impact on his craft skills.  

"In Palm Coast, Florida, we are fortunate to have a true, Old World style craftsman in Simha 'Sam' Pinhasov of MAGIC SHOE REPAIR."

At MAGIC SHOE REPAIR, Sam also fixes watches and clocks, sharpens knives and scissors, repairs vacuum cleaners.  He also does upholstery, dyes shoes and handbags, repairs sewing machines and refinishes leather.

MAGIC SHOE REPAIR is located at 55 Plaza Drive, D-1, Palm Coast, FL (see map below).  Their telephone number is 386-445-5545.

For more information you can find their website and facebook pages at:                  
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