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Stewart Maxcy

Stewart Maxcy is an extremely talented local painter who grew up in DeLand, Florida and moved to Flagler in 1976.  Stewart may be best known for his service to the education system in Flagler County.  He taught art for 11 years at Bunnell Elementary School.  He moved through the school system and became a Dean, Assistant Principal and Principal. Stewart was a principal at Wadsworth Elementary, Indian Trails, and Belle Terre Elementary, then served in the Administration Building and retired after 37 years.

Stewart has always done artwork, including silkscreen design,  paintings, drawings and cartoons.  He also creates book illustrations, such as those for the local favorite childrens' book Saving Libby the Lobster.  Every type of art i could do. Stewart said, "Art is my passion and probably my therapy. I do every type of art I can do."

Stewart is married with three children all of them raised in Flagler and all very talented.

He surfed locally for over 35 years and has combined his love of the salty lifestyle with his art. Most of his work is ocean related. His subjects include Sea life, surfing, intracoastal waterway landscapes,etc.  His work has been displayed in several galleries and in a lot of smaller local shops. After Stewart retired, he started painting artwork on old surfboards. He does beach scenes above the water,underwater scenes, or split views.  Old surfboards never decompose in our landfills. So using them as unique art keeps them out of our landfills. It also makes a statement about your lifestyle and love of the water. Stewart works with surf shops to purchase used boards and he is always on the lookout for used boards. He has used new boards too, and a few skimboards as canvasses for his art. Stewart has boards hanging in local businesses, offices, and homes and has also shipped his art all over the United States

Stewart has done close to 100 boards over the past 2 years. About 98% of the boards are custom orders, sold before he begins. The clients tell him the elements they want and he puts them together in a rough sketch.  Then Stewart preps the board, does the art (all handpainted with acrylics, no sprays or airbrush).  Then clear coats are applied and hangers installed, hidden on the back back of the boards. The clients receive their board ready to hang. Stewart paints the boards in vertical or horizontal formats. Lately Stewart has had more people furnishing a board they use to ride. Stewart's work provides surfers with a unique, custom and personalized board and saves them money compared to ordering a custom board from a manufacturer.

So far, all of Stewart's boards have been sold through word of mouth or social media, but he is planning to have a website soon.

Learn more about Stewart on his website:

You can contact Stewart through his Facebook Page at:

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