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Michael's Bio from the website for Devoted Tattoo Studio: "Michael Biller is the owner of Devoted Tattoo Studio as well as a resident tattooist. He has won multiple awards for his tattooing in many different genres. Michael has a dream of seeing his tattoo studio become something more. He has a huge future in mind, consisting of; events, a clothing line, and even a topical tattoo solution. His endless hustle has brought the tattoo studio to its current state."

There is much more to the man than that.  We caught up with Michael at his place of business, Devoted Tattoo Studio, 1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW, Ste 205, Palm Coast, Florida 32137.  We asked a few questions and learned a few things about Michael that we want to share.  The following is a mix of information and Q&A with Michael Biller.

Michael is a talented artist and his work speaks to that fact.  He is a local businessman at the helm of a dynamic, growing business that has been operating in Palm Coast, Florida for 5 years.  His studio is clean, bright, professional and inviting and the atmosphere sets the tone for a pleasant experience.  Michael has built a team of professional, creative and talented artists who are dedicated to making your tattoo the best it can be. Each tattoo artist is Licensed through the Health Department and has a Bloodborne Pathogen & Communicable Disease Certificate.  As a result of Michael's and his staff's hard work and dedication, Devoted Tattoo Studio is Flagler's premier tattoo destination.

Michael is originally from Brick, New Jersey and came to Flagler County for a noble reason - Love!   In 2008 he met the woman who would become his wife, on social media and moved to Flagler to be with her.  He credits her as his driving force and said, "My beautiful, loving wife made my dreams a reality".  Michael is a family man and proud father to their boys, which include a set of twins.

Q:  How do you like it here?
A:  Love it!  I love the community, the easygoing life and the weather.

Q:  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A:  A carpenter or an artist.

Q: What made you choose to become a tatto artist?
A:  The ability to create different types of art, not just one particular type.  The challenge of mastering different genres.

Q:  Obviously, a tattoo artist has to have artistic talent, but what does someone have to do/have to become a tattoo artist?
A:  Apprenticeship, patience and a steady hand.

Q:  What different genres of tattoos are there?
A:  Realism, Color, Black & Grey, Traditional, New School and Lettering.

Q:  Which genre is your favorite?
A:  Black & Grey because it shows up best in the Florida Sun.

Q:  Which is your least favorite?
A:  Trendy or Tattoos without meaning.

Q:  If you could say one thing to all of your potential clients, what would it be?
A:  Put some thought into it.  Research it.  It is going to be with you.  Do your homework and check with the artist and get an idea of what you want.

Whether you are getting your first tattoo, or adding to the ones you already have, or if you are just curious, stop by Devoted Tattoo Studio and chat with Michael or any of the talented artists there.  They are genuinely some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


You can learn more about Michael at his website:

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