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Your Car Can Be Robbed
It only takes a moment for a thief to  take your valuables or hard earned money and maybe even your vehicle.

There are several tips on how to prevent theft from your vehicle.
It seems like common sense that you should NEVER leave the keys in the vehicle and ALWAYS lock your doors and windows.  Doing so simply makes it too easy for the thief.

However, there are some lesser known ways to prevent break ins and thefts from your vehicle.  Most newer vehicles come with anti-theft measures and alarms. If your vehicle doesn't have an alarm, get one.

DON'T leave valuables or evidence of valuables in plain sight.  Most thieves who target vehicles will not break in to your vehicle unless they can see what they'll be getting.  Put your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle before you reach your destination.  Better yet, take them with you or leave them at home.  Also, don't leave evidence of possible valuables, like charger cords, suction cups that hold electronics to the dash or windshield.  Shopping bags, even if they are empty can be enough to convince a burglar of the potential that valuables are inside the vehicle.  

Park in well lit and visible areas.  Don't park in areas where your vehicle will be concealed by larger vehicles, trees or shrubbery, fences or anything else.  The greater the chance that a break in will be seen, the lower the chance that a break in will occur.  At night, if you park on the street,park under a street light.  If you park in a driveway or carport near your house, leave the exterior lights that illuminate that area on at night, or install an inexpensive motion detector on the light fixture and check the bulb regularly.

Be aware of your surroundings.  Thieves stake out parking lots.  If you think you see someone doing so, call the non-emergency number for your local law enforcement agency to make a suspicious person or vehicle report.

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