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This could be a touching story about a father's love for his son.  It could be a happy story about how a young boy came out of a twenty-two day coma.  It could be an inspiring story of a five year old boy who is the front man for a band and more than two year veteran of the local music scene or it could be a funny story about how this father a son ride to performances on a Harley with a guitar and drum kit strapped on and a mini-pony riding in a sidecar.

This story is all four of these things and more!  It is the story of the Jesse Daniel Band.

Jesse of the Jesse Daniel Band

The story begins with Daniel Pray worrying about his 2 year old son Jesse, who was in a coma, and not expected to survive.  As the days went on, Daniel never left his son's side.  Daniel had, "fooled around with a guitar for years - but never seriously," played for his son, hoping to reach him with music.  Days passed and as they did Daniel wrote and sang a song he calls "Hello," for Jesse.  For twenty-two agonizing days, Jesse remained in the coma and Daniel remained by his side.

The nurses put stuffed animals and other things in Jesse's crib, hoping that they would help him "snap out" of his coma.  Daniel thought about it and decided to put a couple of things that Jesse loved, in the crib with him.  So he placed Jesse's drum sticks and motorcycle helmet in the crib, and started playing the guitar. Miraculously Jesse rolled over, grabbed his helmet and woke up.

The song written for Jesse was special to Daniel and he played it for others, who liked it and encouraged him to write more.  Daniel went to local open mic events to perform his songs and Jesse would often tag along.  One day the act before Daniel was a saxaphone player and the mic was set low for a sax and left on. Daniel was playing and little Jesse just walked up on stage, to the mic and started singing with his Dad.

Pony in a sidecar
Daniel and Jesse Routinely Arrive at Performances
on a Harley, With Guitar and Drum Kit attached
and Their Mini-Pony "Ms. Bogangles" in a Sidecar

At the tender age of five, Jesse has been on the local music Scene for two and a half years. He's played Boot Hill, Hamburger Marys, Iron Horse, Marks, Wolfy's, Cruisen Cafe, Main Street Station, Franks Place,  Saints and Sinners, Jakob's Well, Strokers, Peanuts, Finns, Bad Boys, BFFAR, Sunsetters, AGT, Chrome Bar, Pub 44, Scary Mary,s, First Turn, VFW, American Legion,  Americana Hotel, Beaver Bar, Gidget's, Just Beachy, O'Hara's, several nursing homes, schools, all the Daytona and Deland Apoloozas, Main street Live, The Bank n Blues Club, and a few dozen street fairs. He sings plays drums and harp (harmonica). At five years old, Jesse is the front man for the Jesse Daniel band which has a small following.

"Its been reported that pound for pound
he's the most talented musician
in a three county area."

The Jesse Daniel band only plays original songs written by Daniel.  Jesse has even helped his dad write a new song,  "Dear Santa".  Jesse is absolutely not your typical five year old.  He has a stage presence not achieved by musicians five times his age. There is no shyness in this kid and he can hold his own in any interview. He WILL be a major player in the music world in a few years.  On Sunday nights you can find him playing at Boot Hill saloon between 8:00 and 9:00. His dad spent $8,000 on lawyers fighting so that he would be allowed to play in any bar, but only until 9:00 pm. He's been playing boot hill for over 2 years. Jesse's accomplishments have had a major impact on live music in this area. He's opened doors for other young kids: two top local bands are now are introducing their kids to the stage. Jesse has also sat in with other local bands including Cat 4, Intergalactic, Vibe Tribe and more.  Jesse Daniel Pray and his father Daniel Pray are no doubt local talents!  

For information about performances or booking call:
Phone 386-307-9758
little Jesse Pray singing
little Jesse Pray plays drums
Jesse Daniel Band
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