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Gabriel McMichael

Author Gabriel McMichael
Gabriel McMichael is an author and award-winning visual artist who has exhibited her art in galleries both nationally and abroad―with works in private and public collections.

She will be reading her children's book, Goodbye Poonjab (nominated for 7 awards including the Caldecott Medal and the Geisel Award), at the Barnes & Noble Storytime Event in Daytona Beach on May 7th, 2016 at 11:00 am. Gabriel McMichael is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and has been a part-time Flagler County resident and has presented at the local Inspired Mic event.

Her painting, Resurrection, a tribute to the souls lost in the September 11th tragedy, was presented to the New York City Mayor’s office in 2001 as a gift to the people of New York. Gabriel, a native of Atlanta, GA, grew up watching her home evolve and expand into a modern international city while listening to her grandmother tell family stories about the past; including those of her third cousin, author Margret Mitchell.

She struggled with dyslexia and dyscalculia as a child. The dyslexia caused her to dislike reading because the movement of the letters on the page gave her a headache. However, she loved art, and all the sports she played growing up. However, softball and bowling were her favorite sports. In softball she played first
base, was a clean-up batter, and an All-Star. However, her greatest achievement in this sport was when her team won the state championship in 1983, and they traveled to Arkansas and represented the State of Georgia in the National Championship. At age fifteen, she was recognized as the second best youth
female bowler in the State of Georgia. She was a normal child. She rode her bike, climbed trees, roller skated, enjoyed swimming, and she also loved dirt bike riding.

During college, Gabriel worked at a local newspaper and sold Kirby vacuums. After being bit by a tick with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium, her life was soon brought to a complete standstill. After many years of battling and controlling CLD, she started pursuing her art again on the side; exhibiting her works in galleries. Gabriel first seriously considered writing a book in 2002 following her father’s advice and direction. She protested at first, but later yielded to the idea even though she did not have a clue how to write a book. Therefore, she started reading books that explained the do’s and don’ts of novel writing, talking to writers, and she even took some continuing ed writing classes at a local college. The journey topublication was a long, and often unforgiving road to travel. There have been thousands of writes, rewrites, drafts, outlines, sketches, moments of self-perceived brilliance followed by disheartening reality checks, rejection letters, and enough frequent-flyer miles logged to the trash can and shredder to circumnavigate the globe for free.

Gabriel is very active working and speaking to promote dyslexia and dyscalculia awareness. She also has an ad-free YouTube Channel that she uses to instruct kids how to draw and color. Gabriel McMichael is a member of both the Georgia and Florida Writer’s Associations, the Atlanta Writer's Club, the National League of American Pen Women, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. You can learn more about her, and her work, at

Book by Author Gabriel McMichael
Book by Author Gabriel McMichael
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