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Community Cats of Palm Coast
Community Cats of Palm Coast Rescue online magazine is proud to share the information about Community Cats of Palm Coast.  Their website says it best:

"The goal of Community Cats of Palm Coast is to reduce the number of feral cats in our area through Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR), a humane protocol that gets results and saves taxpayers money. With TNR, cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, given a rabies shot, and returned to live out their natural lives. Community Cats of Palm Coast's trapping team has TNR'd more than 500 cats, and our organization has assisted feral caretakers with the Trap, Neuter and Return of hundreds more. TNR has been embraced by municipalities across the country as the best means of reducing the feral cat population. TNR is widely endorsed by national and regional animal welfare groups. Communities that practice TNR see a reduction in shelter intakes and euthanasia...

If you are a feral caretaker, you can prevent new births by sterilizing the cats you feed. But you may not know how to proceed.  You may not have traps or feel confident capturing and transporting the cats. With multiple cats involved, it can seem overwhelming. Community Cats of Palm Coast is here to help. We can supply traps and our experienced volunteers can work with you throughout theTNR process.

Community Cats of Palm Coast also operates a barn cat placement program - Mediates feral cat complaints in partnership with the Flagler Humane Society - Conducts community outreach to educate the public about TNR benefits  - Assists in the implementation of TNR grants received by our local animal shelter.

Please note: Community Cats of Palm Coast is a TNR organization, NOT a rescue or pet adoption agency. We do not house animals and can not take in cats requiring rehoming."

Learn more about the great people who run Community Cats of Palm Coast at:!about/c1wjb

Community Cats of Palm Coast Rescue
Community Cats of Palm Coast Rescue
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