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Captain Nick playing guitar

Capt. Nick is an amazingly talented local singer/songwriter who sings the praises of living near the ocean, on the beach, and especially in our paradise known as Flagler Beach.  He puts into words what we all experience every time we "cross the intracoastal on the big ol' bridge and you see the reason you came"!!  He proudly sings "Flagler Beach is the place to be, a touch of heaven down by the sea"!!  His music comes from his heart and reaches right in to grab the hearts of those at his shows.

Capt. Nick, who plays with his wife Dana, have a very loyal and supportive fan club called The Shipwrecks that is made up of over 3200 members.  Since the majority of his shows are in Flagler Beach, Capt Nick continually brings locals and fans from outlying areas right into our town to hear him sing and enjoy our beachside restaurants and bars.  His shows truly help the local businesses bring in crowds as he fills the deck most afternoons or evenings when he is playing.

While drawing so many fans into Flagler Beach, Capt Nick has created a closeness and family feel into our community.  This sense of belonging and being a part of something so big transfers  wherever people gather.  Just yell the word "Shipwreck" in a crowd and watch the smiles come out!!   Capt Nick has truly made Flagler Beach an even better place to live by helping us appreciate the beauty of the area while opening our hearts through his music.   Visitors and new residents of the area readily get into the magical atmosphere of the shows and find many new friends to share fun times.   As Capt. Nick sings:  "Left me Shipwrecked here in Flagler Beach... I'm Shipwrecked, I never want to leave, I'm Shipwrecked, don't come rescue me"!!!

~ Profile written by Lani Worthington

Captain Nick performing
Captain Nick performing
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