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Are Friends Electric

Are Friends Electric Band
Are Friends Electric, a rock and roll band formed in Central Florida in 2012, by husband and wife duo Jeremy and Andrea Mix.  They are accompanied by Friends Electric and often include unique musical surprises into their performances, like a horn section or local college marching band drum line.   They look like Rock Stars!  They move like Rock Stars!  They sound like Rock Stars! They act like two people in love with each other, their family, their fans and their music. They describe themselves as "People with questions, playing music, who have ideas on art, weaving themselves into todays sonic landscape."  Are Friends Electric?  I suppose the answer to that question is YES!  There is surely something electric and magical about their sound and performances.

Fate has seemingly thrown Jeremy and Andrea together more than once.  They both attended high school at Spruce Creek in Port Orange, Florida, but could have been only "ships passing in the night".  After graduation, Jeremy went to New York to pursue a music career, while Andrea headed to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling/acting career.  By sheer fate, they both returned to the Greater Daytona Beach area, hooked up, got married, had twin boys and still managed to create a unique band that brings creativity and beauty to each and every performance.  The Daytona Beach area is certainly "Greater" because of them.

Everything has come together musically.  They are both hard working and talented, but to hear them perform together, it is like they are one, with each other and with the music.  They have a pure sound that is a refreshing break from over produced music of today.  

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Are Friends Electric Band singing
Are Friends Electric Band performing
Are Friends Electric
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