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surfing photo by local Bradley Krisher
Photographer Bradley Krisher was born and raised in Huber Heights Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. He got the opportunity to move to Florida a few years ago and ran with it.  All you have to do is take a look at his work to know that this man is talented.  In a world where everyone with a smart phone thinks they are a photographer, there are still artists like Bradley Krisher.

In his own words:

"I've always had a huge interest in photography. Always looking for the next interesting view. I'll visit a place multiple times and not take a single photo. Just to watch the light and see if anything really catches my eye. Landscape/seascape/life style shots are what I truly enjoy shooting. I've spent day after day going to the Flagler pier. Not to shoot the pier but to show that the world is always changing day to day. Same man made object in a different setting day after day. Doing so has strengthened my skills to be used in all other aspects of my work.

What made me venture into the world of photography full time was dying in March of 2015. Dropping dead and coming back from it makes you rethink a lot of things. At that point I realized you gotta do what makes you happy. It's my meditation. I patiently wait for the right time to fire the camera. The plus side to landscape for me is soaking in the view while music blares in my ears. Creating my next piece in my head before even uploading the images to the computer.

Recently I've started adding people      (surfers) to my work. Getting out in the water with them. I've gotta say it's a whole new world, once out in the water. It has been very challenging to get the shots I want to work with. But with help of some of the local surf legends, I've managed to pass a lot of roadblocks in the learning experience.

I find inspiration in multiple ways. Music, positive kind hearted people, and my fans.
What drives me would be my beautiful boys! My kids are always pushing me even if they're not right next me."

Bradley's art can be purchased at

Bradley Krisher local photographer
photo of pier by Bradley Krisher
photo by local artist Bradley Krisher
photo by local artist Bradley Krisher
photo by local artist Bradley Krisher
photo by local artist Bradley Krisher
photo by local artist Bradley Krisher
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